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1 Acrylic A synthetic polymer with excellent aging characteristics that can be used as either a single component adhesive or a coating or saturant depending upon composition.
2 Adhesion A measurement of the force required to remove a tape from a substrate ; A bond produced between a pressure sensitive adhesive and a surface.
3 Adhesive failure describes the separation of adhesive either from backing or from the substrate. The other basic failure mechanism of an adhesive bond is “cohesive failure” which refers to a fracture in the middle of the bulk adhesive.
4 Adhesive transfer The transfer of adhesive from its normal position on the tape to the surface to which the tape was attached either during unwind or removal.
5 Ageing resistance Degree of reliable performance of the tape over time  under certain conditions; Depending on the adhesive system being used.
6 Anchorage The specific adhesion of a pressure sensitive adhesive to a face material or an anchor coat.
7 Backing A relatively thin flexible material to which a pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied.
8 Bleeding  Penetration through the tape of a coloring liquid (paint etc) onto the surface to which the tape is applied.
9 Bond The union of materials by adhesives.
10 Bond Strength The amount of force a bond can sustain. Measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI).
11 Carrier Sometimes used to refer to the backing material particularly in reference to double-face tapes.
12 Cohesion Cohesion describes the inner strength of the adhesive. It mainly determines the holding power (shear resistance) of the tape.
13 Cohesive failure leaves adhesive residue on both the PSA tape backing and the laminated surface/showing that the adhesive broke internally. Easy check with the finger: it sticks on both the substrate and the tape.
14 Coating A material usually liquid used to form a covering film over a surface. Its function is to decorate and or protect the surface from destructive agents or environment.
15 Cohesion The ability of the adhesive to resist splitting. Good cohesion is necessary for clean removal.
16 Die-cutting Process by which any shape pattern or design can be cut out of various pressure-sensitive tapes; utilizing customer-made dies.
17 Double Coated A pressure-sensitive product consisting of a carrier material with adhesive applied to both sides. The adhesive system on one side of the tape can be different from the adhesive system used on the opposite side. It is also called Double Faced Tape or Double Sided Tape.
18 Double Sided Tape Comprised of a backing material coated with adhesive on both sides. Usually one adhesive layer is covered with a release liner (closed side) in order to wind the PSA tape in roll form.
19 Fish eyes Small pock marks in new tape caused by air trapped in the adhesive. Not an indicator of bad tape. They will usually disappear over time.
20 Ghosting  A haze-like deposit left over after the removal of tape from a polished surface.
21 Heat Resistance The ability of a tape to withstand exposure to specified temperatures after it has been applied to a surface.
22 Hot Melt A pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to the liner or backing in a hot molten form which cools to form a conventional pressure-sensitive adhesive.
23 Kraft A sulphate wood pulp paper.
24 Label Stock Pressure sensitive materials that are usually printed; frequently die-cut and furnished in roll or sheet form with a liner; intended for use as labels.
25 Oozing A “squeezing out” of the adhesive from under the backing and occurring when the tape is in roll form. The edges of the roll become tacky.
26 PE (Polyethylene) Non-polar substrate; critical material to adhere to which requires high performance PSA tapes. Corona pretreatment can increase the surface polarity and therefore the bond to the adhesive. As foamed material PE is also used as backing for PSA foam tapes.
27 Release Liner A sheet of material convering the adhesive side of the tape. The liner is removed to expose the adhesive prior to application.
28 Residue Adhesive left on a substrate when a label is removed.
29 Silicone A unique polymer system that can be a very effective release coating or pressure sensitive adhesive capable of functioning effectively at extreme temperatures.
30 Substrate Material that the PSA tape is applied to.
31 Synthetic rubbers Specific type of adhesive.
32 Tack The degree to which a pressure sensitive adhesive feels sticky or highly adhesive. Test method: “rolling ball test”
33 Test Method ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials; PSTC Pressure Sensitive Tape Council; AFERA Association des Fabricants Européens de Rubans Auto-adhésifs); FINAT Fédération Internationale des Fabricants Transformateurs d’Adhésifs et Thermocollants sur Papiers et autres Supports; IEC International Electrotechnical Commission; JIS Japanese Industrial Standard; UL Underwater’s Laboratories USA; CSA Canadian Standards Association Canada; BS British Standard Institution UK; VDE Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker Germany.
34 Ultra-Violet Resistance (UV)  The ability of a material to withstand extended exposure to sunlight (ultra-violet) without degradation hardening or excessive discoloration.
35 Vinyl or PVC Plasticized Poly-Vinyl Chloride. A tough durable plastic film having excellent resistance to oils’ chemicals’ abrasion’ and many solvents.
36 Void An uncoated area of either the adhesive or release coating of the tape.


International Trade
No Term Definition
1 EXW Ex Works (…named place) | 工廠交貨價 (…指定地方)
2 FCA Free Carrier (…named place) | 指定運送人交貨價 (…指定地方)
3 FAS Free Alongside Ship (…named port of shipment) | 船邊交貨價 (…指定裝船港口)
4 FOB Free on Board (…named port of shipment) | 船上交貨價 (…指定裝船港口)
5 CFR Cost and Freight (…named port of destination) | 包括成本及運費 (…指定目的地港口)
6 CIF Cost Insurance and Freight (…named port of destination) | 包括成本、保險及運費 (…指定目的地港口)
7 CPT Carriage Paid to (…named place of destination) | 包括成本運送費用至 (指定目的地地方)
8 CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid to (…named place of destination) | 包括成本、運送費用及保險付至 (…指定目的地地方)
9 DAF Delivered at Frontier (…named place) | 貨物運至邊界價 (…指定地方)
10 DES Delivered Ex Ship (…named port of destination) | 貨物運至到岸船內價 (指定目的地港口)
11 DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (…named port of destination) | 貨物運至碼頭價 (…指定目的地港口)
12 DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid (named port of destination) | 貨物..稅未付訖價 (指定目的地地方)
13 DDP Delivered Duty Paid (…named place of destination) | 貨物..稅付訖價 (…指定目的地地方)