Tyre Label

Hongwei Global tyre Label has a range of label face materials that meet the important functional requirements of tyre labels. Labels are coated with very aggressive high tack permanent adhesive that has been developed to stick to rough surface such as car tyres, motorbike tyres, bicycle tyres and other rubber based surfaces. Hongwei Global tyres label films allow you to produce a label that meets your requirements for tyre industry.

● Top coated for excellent print performance
● Aggressive high tack for rough tires and rubber products labeling
● Develop for applications on rubber based substrates
● Glassing backing paper with good translucency for optical scanning

Description Color Thickness Release Paper Printable
Polyester Film (25μ)Tire LabelSilver80μWhiteUV Printing
Polyester Film(25μ) Tire LabelMatte White80μBlueYes
Pearly PP Synthetic PaperTire LabelMatte White80μWhiteYes
PP Synthetic PaperTire LabelWhite90μWhiteYes
Soft PVC FilmTire LabelMatte White100μWhiteYes