Tubeless Rim Tape

Hongwei Global Tubeless Rim Tape is made of high quality polyimide film or polyester film. The film will come with high performance acrylic or silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The strong adhesive will make sure rim tape can be installed easily and keeps the tape on the rim even under extreme conditions.

● Tubeless rim tape to make tubeless ready rims airtight
● Extreme strength and durability with very low weight
● Strong adhesion property makes installation easy and keeps the tape on the rim

● You can print company LOGO on the tape.
● We offer custom packing service.
● Develop new products for new application if required.

Total Thickness (μm) Backing/Color Adhesion Type Adhesion (kg/25mm) Adhesion (kg/25mm) Temperature Range
SI761(BU)116 ± 1075μm Polyimide / (Black)Permanent Silicone0.6 ↑Max 260℃ X (10mins)
ST761(BK)116 ± 1075μm Polyester / (Black)Permanent Silicone0.6 ↑Max 200℃ X (30mins)
AP80TM115 ± 580μm PO / (Matt White)RemovableAcrylic0.5 ↑-10 ~ 80
AT507(BU)50 ± 450μm Polyester / (Blue)Permanent Acrylic1.6 ↑-20 ~ 120
AT755(BU)106 ± 775μm Polyester / (Blue)Permanent Acrylic1.2 ↑-20 ~ 120
ST501(BK)84 ± 450μm Polyester / (Black)Permanent Silicone0.5 ↑-10 ~ 130

Welcome to Taiwan! Many bikers from all over the world participate TOUR DE TAIWAN annually. They were riding very fast and past by our company around 10am on March 14th 2018. We wish we could have a little time to tell these excellent bikers that we provide tubeless rim tape for bike industry. We are looking forward to seeing you to be a winner every year. Have fun!

Photographers: Xingkuo and Kuoshu