HONGWEI owns holography technology to develop new products such as holographic name plates and tags, DOEs, holographic security labels, hot stamping foils, washable holograms, scratch foils for security protects. Our holographic security products are attractive and highly secure. We can incorporate holographic designs with priniting to create innovative security products.

Besides, HONGWEI can develop various diffractive optical elements (DOE) for the next generation security products and incorporate a holographic pattern with various substrates like glass, polycarbonate, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, gold, silver, etc.

Security Materials

Hot Stamping Foil

  • High security customized features
  • Color foils
  • Wallpaper or registered design
  • Hot stamping foil substrate for paper, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Applications include entrance tickets, concert tickets, security documents, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Scratch Foil

  • Scratch foil for use with PIN numbers for telephone cards, lottery tickets, bank cards, etc.
  • Offers enhanced protection for various applications requiring hidden information.
  • Data completely hidden under the holographic scratch until scratched to reveal the hidden codes.
  • Custom holographic images or stock pattern possible
Cold Foil

  • Silver or transparent foil
  • Foils can be overprinted
  • Easily release and broad area stamping
  • Custom holographic patterns possible

Security Labels and Stickers

Barcode Label

  • High security customized features
  • For hot stamped or transferred hologram image applications
  • Various label material depending on customer requirements

Hologram Sticker

  • Available in panels with size of 6″ * 6″ or in rolls (roll width and roll length can be specified)
  • Full tamper-evident or partial tamper-evident hologram stickers are available
  • Serial numbering, bar coding or over-printing optional
Hologram Coin

  • Silver or gold plated hologram coin, pure gold or siiver coin available
  • Customized front/back images
  • 32 mm coin diameter with 0.5oz silver or gold
  • 38 mm coin diameter with 1.0oz silver or gold