Standard Adhesive Labels and Tapes

HONGWEI provides adhesive products in log and master rolls, both edge trimmed and untrimmed. We also offer log rolls with flush or extended core based on your requirements.

Converting Services

HONGWEI custom material converting services include slitting, cutting, sheeting, and roll-winding. We can slit labels and tapes to your desired specifications. For example, our converting and slitting equipments can convert a 60 inches wide roll to two 30 inches wide rolls. In addition, we can achieve different roll lengths by slitting and then rewinding jumbo rolls.


If customers cannot find the suitable product in our existing product catalogue, we provide customized service to meet the requirements for your special applications. The construction of carrier, adhesive, and liner will be adjusted based on your needs. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is required.

Following lists are our custom tape services with image illustrations.

die-cutting HONGWEI has the die-cutting capabilities of die-cutting for a wide range of materials that can be cut into any dimension and shape for customers’ needs.

Labeling/Contract Converting

tape-converting-services HONGWEI has the contract converting and private labeling capabilities to suit our customers’ requirements for variety substrates.

 One-Inch Cores
one-inch-coreHONGWEI is able to lathe slit master log rolls into tape rolls with 1, 1 1/2 and 3 inch cores.


slittingHONGWEI has the capability to specializes in tape rewinding / slitting services to serve our customers’ specific needs.

sheetingHONGWEI sheeting services offer many customers with the pre-cut pieces instead of having rolls of material.

 Short Length Rolls

short-length-rollHONGWEI can provide short length rolls from large master log rolls through tape slitting and rewinding services.