Double-sided film tape is created by applying a thin adhesive layer to each side of a polyester carrier. It is designed to stick two surfaces together, often in a way which is not visible in the end product. A thin polyester film carrier for dimensional stability and improved handling with ease of die-cutting and lamination.

1. RoHS 2.0 & SVHC-Free
2. Good adhesion for plastic product
3. Good temp. resistance and die-cutting
4. Good bonding for nameplate & foam
5. Widely use in fixing component

Item No Backing Color Adhesion Release Liner Short Description
DS-T160R Polyester Clear 1.2kg White Low cost; good adhesion level on many substrates
DS-T200R Polyester Clear 3.0kg Red Excellent adhesion on LSE substrates; mounting

DST160R and DST200R are used widely. We have customers from electronic and energy industry. Of course! Digital printing and advertising marketing love our Double Sided Film Tape too.